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Article "The Art Of The Deal In Making The Wall" as published in the Immigration Daily on January 23, 2019.


Article "Comment on Flipping Selection Process of Regular and U.S. Masters or Higher Graduates"


Article "Comment on USCIS New H1B Proposed Regulation" as published in the Immigration Daily on January 2, 2019.


Article "U.S.C.I.S. Releases Trove Of Information In New Proposed Rule, “registration Requirement For Petitioners Seeking To File H-1b Petitions On Behalf Of Cap-subject Aliens" as published in the Immigration Daily on December 3, 2018.


Article "The Dwindling Migrant Caravan Marches On As Trump Glowers And Threatens" as published in the Immigration Daily on November 5, 2018.


Article "Why The Migrant Caravan of 7000 (Whoops! 5000) Is Not Concerning?" as published in the Immigration Daily on October 26, 2018.

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Articles, Questions & Answers

01.18.19 1.I Was Denied the Right to Become a U.S. Citizen Because I Voted, I Have Proof to Show I Was Tricked into Doing So.
2.What Happens if I Don't File Form I-751, and Go Back to My Home Country Before the 90-days Period For Good?
3.Can I Stay in the U.S. for Leisure From June - Oct 1st Under B2 Visa Until H-1B Takes Effect?
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on January 18, 2019
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
01.11.19   February 2019 Visa Chart
01.04.19 1.Green Card Holder Applying for Unmarried 28 Year Old Child
2.Can I Have My Marriage Annul?
3.My Fiancé Is On Immigration Hold And Is Being Held In A Local Jail Facility
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on January 4, 2019
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
12.28.18 1.How Can I Show That I Have Permanent and Legal Custody of My Child, In Order To Meet the Requirements Under the Child Citizenship Act?
2.How to File H-1B Application for a Gas Station Job?
3.I Have 2 Removal Proceedings
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on December 28, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
12.21.18 1.Will My Application be Affected?
2.I-864 (Joint Sponsor) Income Requirement
3.I Want to Sue My Immigration Attorney
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on December 21, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
12.07.18 1.What Category of Legal Expertise Should I Look For in An Attorney to Represent Me For A Charge Levied Against Me for a TSA Airport Security Issue?
2.Where Can I Find the I-94 Number On The Visa?
3.Selective Service
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on December 7, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
12.03.18 1.Planning for Next Year's H-1B Selection in April, Please Advice.
2.Is It Safe for Me to Go To l-130 Interview As I Have Order of Removal?
3.How Can I Provide a Medical Certificate of Birth If I Do Not Have One?
4.My I-485 Adjustment Status Application Has Been Pending For Two Years – What Can I Do?
Q&A's published on the World Journal Weekly on December 2, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
11.30.18 1.How Does a Student in Haiti Qualify for US Visa?
2.Deportation During Entry into U.S.
3.Do I Need to File Green Card Application Again for the Same Person?
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on November 30, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
11.27.18 1.I Applied H-1B in April, But Still No Decision Is Made and It Is November – What Can I Do?
2.Is EB-5 for China Still Open? If Not What Are The Alternatives?
3.U. S. Citizen Residing in Hong Kong Wants to Immigrate Mother – Any Problems?
Q&A's published on the World Journal Weekly on November 25, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
11.26.18 1.K-1 Petition & Police Report
2.Can I Change my Current H-1B Visa to OPT Status?
3.H-1B Visa Fraud
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on November 23, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
11.16.18 1.How to Add A New Born to a Pending I-130 Petition?
2.US Green Card Holder Imprisoned in Canada. Green Card is Expired And Have Served in Canada. Can He Come Back to US?
3.In USA on B1/B2 Visa, How to Stay Permanently?
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on November 16, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
11.09.18 1.Does My Boyfriend Need a Fiancé Visa If He Has a 10-year Tourist Visa?
2.C-1D Illegal Immigrant Wants to Apply Any Visa
3.G-1 Visa to B-1 Visa
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on November 9, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
11.03.18 1.I Am From India and I Am Living and Working As Caregiver Since 6 Years in Israel. I Want to Visit to USA for Meet My Younger Brother.
2.Can F2 Visa Holder Start a Partnership Company As An Investor?
3.I'm On the Process of Getting a Divorce From My Spouse Who Has a Conditional Visa For 2 Years
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on November 2, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
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