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I-90 -- Application to replace permanent resident card which has been lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed, never received, has incorrect information on it, is expiring after 10 years, or where the holder's name or other biographic information has changed since the card was issued. This form can be used by a conditional permanent resident, commuter permanent resident, or permanent resident.

I-129 -- Petition for non-immigrant worker filed by organization to accord alien E (investor or treaty trader), H (specialized professional worker, temporary worker in which the position itself is temporary, trainee, registered nurse, or artists, fashion models and entertainers of national or international acclaim), L (intra-company manager, investor or worker with specialized knowledge), O (alien with extraordinary ability in sciences, art, education or business), P (alien artist or performer- usually as part of a group or under a reciprocal exchange program), Q (participant in an international cultural exchange program), R (religious worker), or TN (North American Free Trade Agreement citizen of Mexico or Canada coming as a professional under the NAFTA list) visa statuses.

I-130 -- Petition for alien relative to accord preference classification for relative to immigrate under the family based categories. "IR" denotes the children, spouses and parents of US citizens.

I-131-- Application for travel documents to accord non-permanent resident alien advance parole (AP) or refugee travel document (RTD). For permanent resident alien, form is used for reentry permit (RP).

I-140-- Immigrant petition for alien worker to accord preference classification under the employment based categories including EB-11 (extraordinary alien), EB-12 (outstanding professor or researcher), EB-13 (intracompany transferee manager/executive), EB-2 (advanced degree alien), NIW (advanced degree or exceptional alien requesting a national interest waiver), EB-31 (skilled worker with 2 years experience and position requiring such), EB-32 (professional worker with bachelor's degree or equivalent and work requiring such), EW-3 (other worker in unskilled position not requiring 2 years experience).

I-212-- Application for permission to reapply for admission into the United States after deportation or removal.

I-485-- Application to register permanent resident or adjust status to permanent residence.

I-526-- Immigrant petition by alien entrepreneur based on investment in a commercial enterprise.

I-539-- Application by nonimmigrant alien to extend or change non-immigrant status.

I-601 & I-601A-- Application for waiver of ground of excludability.

I-612-- Application for waiver of the foreign residence requirement for J visa holders.

I-730 -- Petition to allow families of refugees and asylees to immigrate.

I-751-- Petition to remove the conditions on residence for a conditional resident accorded status through marriage.

I-765-- Application for employment authorization.

I-824-- Application for action on an approved application or petition -- this form can be used for requesting a duplicate approval notice, requesting notification of approval of a petition to a U.S. consulate or port of entry, or requesting that a U.S. consulate be notified of adjustment of status to permanent residence. It is used most commonly to allow dependents to follow-to-join a principal alien.

I-829-- Petition by entrepreneur to remove conditions for a conditional resident accorded status through investment in a commercial enterprise.

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