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Does My Boyfriend Need a FiancÚ Visa If He Has a 10-year Tourist Visa?

My boyfriend and I have known each other since April 2016. He came to visit his best friend in the states in January 2018 and we met. We started dating. He stayed for three weeks. Went back to Jerusalem and he came back to visit me after 30 days. The second time he stayed for two months. He left in April. Then he visited me again in June and stayed for 3 months. He left on September 9th. He has a 10 year tourist visa. From my understanding he can only stay here 6 months total out of the calendar year. Do we have to get a fiancé visa for him to come back so we can get married? Or is it okay if he comes back in a few months and we get married and adjust status. What is the best option?

Mr. Lee answers:

A visitor to the US makes an assertion that he or she only plans to stay here for a visit and then go back to the home country. An individual intent upon marrying when coming to the States is best advised to obtain a K-1 fiancée visa. U.S.C.I.S. discourages individuals from using the tourist visa to get married and adjust status in the US as that is an abuse of the visa.


C-1D Illegal Immigrant Wants to Apply Any Visa

I was an illegal immigrant who stayed with C-1d Visa in the USA from Sep 2009-May 2014. I am now in India for the past 4.5 years. Can I apply to USA anytime soon for any visas?
Mr. Lee answers:

If you were in the US under a C-1/D visa for the period of time that you state, you would be barred from reentering the US for 10 years from May 2014. If you have good reason to return to the US on a temporary basis and are eligible for a non-immigrant visa, the US consulate or embassy may allow you to apply for a temporary waiver of the 10 year bar. (If a Canadian citizen, such an application would be made to U.S. Customs and Border Protection). The request for waiver would then be forwarded to The Admissibility Review Office of U.S.C.I.S. which would make the final decision on whether to grant you a waiver. Additionally if you have a basis to immigrate and are at the immigrant visa interview stage, you might be able to seek a waiver of the 10 year bar if you have a spouse or parent who is a US citizen or permanent resident and would experience extreme hardship if the waiver was not granted. The request for waiver would be made to U.S.C.I.S.'s lockbox in Phoenix Arizona, and the expected time to decision would be approximately 12-16 months.


G-1 Visa to B-1 Visa

I'm actually on a g1 visa (my father works in an international organization).  He retired and will no longer be on that status. I would like to change my status. And I'm looking for a college to apply for an LLM/JD program for the January 2019 semester. I wanted to know what I should write on my letter explaining the reasons why I would like to change the status. 

Mr. Lee answers:

B-1 is a business visa and not appropriate in your case. A common reason which individuals in your situation of dependent whose status is ending give is to spend more time taking care of arrangements before having to leave the country.




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