Q & A June 22, 2003

Q & A 1

To whom it may concern:

I hold an H-4 visa. I applied an- I-485 on 9/10/02, and got its receipt from the INS.

1. Is it possible for me to apply an advance parole, since my employer will send me abroad for an exhibition?


Dear reader:

As you have already applied for an I-485 adjustment of status application with the INS, you are allowed to request an advance parole from its successor, the BCIS, to leave the country for business purposes. I will assume that your H-4 visa is current or at least was current until the time that you filed for the I-485 application, and that you were not illegal for 180 days or one year after April 1, 1997 -- conditions which would subject you to three and ten year bars respectively once you left the U.S.. You should also understand that under current INS interpretations, an H-4 holder who works in the U.S. even with an employment authorization card from the BCIS is no longer considered in H-4 status as individuals in that status are not allowed to work. I do note, however, that as long as the I-485 application is pending, you are considered legal for most purposes in the country.


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